Veggie eateries – Siem Reap, Cambodia

In November 2015, I had a month long trip to South East Asia. We started in Malaysia then headed to Thailand and finished in Cambodia.

As there is a big tourist trade in Cambodia, there are a wealth of veggie-friendly and exclusively veggie restaurants. The street vendors can also provide really tasty vegetarian food for dirt cheap. Nearly everything in Siem Reap is $1!

Street vendor, Siem Reap

We managed to find this guy with his roving noodle stall numerous times around the city. He made tasty mi char which is a basic noodle dish consisting of thick rice noodles, leafy greens, beansprouts and beef or pork. We asked for it without beef and with a fried egg on top. It comes in a polystyrene container (sorry Earth) with chopsticks and you simply sit on a plastic stool by the side of the road with the locals. It is extremely cheap ($1!), filling and satisfying.

Some other examples of great street food was the very unhealthy but tasty deep fried food that we had for breakfasts. Four pieces of the fatty goodness came to $1. The vegetarian options were small sweetened potatoes and bananas. There is also steamed corn on the cob stands which are great if you’re feeling like you’ve been missing out on some fresh vegetables. The fruit shake stands are also good for a vitamin boost, although they are sweetened with sugar syrup, they still contain lots of juicy tropical fruits…and only $1!

We ate at two vegetarian restaurants; the Peace Cafe and Banlle. The Peace Cafe is a community project which has a cafe, bakery, fair trade shop and community activities such as yoga and vegetarian cooking classes. We stopped off for lunch here before heading off to Angkor Wat. The garden area is tranquil and set back from the busy road. I had a large banana shake and a huge tofu noodle soup. It was delicious and cheap. Banlle was tucked away down Road 26 and had a peaceful garden area. I had a soft tofu salad to start and a vegetable Amok curry for main. The portions were quite small but the food was extremely fresh and well presented. It was slightly above our budget (over $1) but it was a relaxing evening with attentive service.

Siem Reap is a great place to visit; the locals are super friendly, beer is super cheap and the food is super tasty and fresh.


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