About me

Who am I?
Hiiiiiiii! My name is Rachel and I love to travel and seek out great vegetarian and vegan food around the world. Food is an important part of travelling, I believe it is a great way to learn about a country and it’s culture, as well as having the opportunity to hang out with the locals.

What is ‘living the veggie life’?
I have visited 34 countries so far from Iceland to Indonesia, and I have eaten some really great veggie dishes and had some epic travelling adventures. I hope to share my past, present and future experiences with you and give you advice on where to have the best vegetarian and vegan cuisine along with awesome destinations to visit. Food, cooking and travelling make me very, very happy.

Hiking along the Croatian coast

Why am I vegetarian?
I am a vegetarian because I love all animals and would never want one to come to any harm by me. Intensive farming in the UK is cruel and unnecessary. I try to eat healthily using a varied plant based diet and adopt a dairy free diet. I care for my health and for the sustainability of the environment.

Am I vegan?
I did the ‘veganuary’ challenge in January 2018. I didn’t find it particularly difficult as I eat a lot of vegan meals anyway and I stopped drinking cow’s milk a looong time ago. After a while I got used to omitting cheese and eggs from my diet and now eat a 99% plant based diet. I say 99% as I travel a lot and I am currently living in Slovenia therefore I find that reading food labels can often be tricky but I try my best and I am learning all the time from the vegan community. I now actively avoid all meat and dairy products.

Where am I now?
I am currently looking after a self catered chalet for Extreme Slovenia in Žaga, Slovenia and working part time at Bovec Sport Center.es

Contact me!
Follow me on instagram for recipe ideas and travel photos: livingthe.veggielife

You can contact me at livingtheveggielife@gmail.com too.