Restaurant review – Le Farçon, La Tania, France

As a vegetarian myself and working as a chalet chef, I love having fellow vegetarians/vegans stay as it means I can be creative and cook something I would love to eat myself. Our lunch at Le Farçon was a special treat organised by our very generous bosses. My experience at Le Farçon last year wasn’t great as a vegetarian. It seemed things were thrown together last minute and I had to wait longer for my courses. This year we told them our dietary requirements in advance so we could all share the same dining experience.

The Snow Retreat team
We started with a selection of amuse-bouche; herb and garlic snails, polenta crisps and Savoie cheese sticks. Amuse-bouche literally means ‘something to please the mouth’, and they did! The latter two were delicious and a good introduction of what was to come. The first course was turnip, vanilla and black pepper. The combination of flavours worked well together and looked beautiful on the plate. The second course was slow cooked poached egg on a bed of leeks surrounded by a white wine mousse and croutons. The local white wine complimented the flavours and it all tasted sublime. This was definitely my favourite course as it had a variety of different textures and flavours. The salty croutons added a lovely crunch as did the leeks against the soft egg and mousse.

Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed with the main course. I had cheesey mashed potato topped with black truffle shavings. Although it tasted okay, I think there is so much more you can do for vegetarian dishes with the ingredients that are available. Especially in a michelin starred restaurant! I think what I was served lacked creativity and finesse. The pork main looked more interesting on the plate and was more interactive. Despite this, the dessert was incredible. A mini apple crumble topped with apple mousse, vanilla ice cream and orange. This was followed by mini meringue hazelnut creams, pastry twirls and specially designed Le Farçon hay flavoured chocolates.

This summed up an overall fantastic meal and experience. The ambience, service and of course, company were all very good.

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