Van Life #11 | A weekend wild camping in Pralognan-la-Vanoise, France

With lockdown eased in France and more travel allowed, a bank holiday weekend was the perfect time to explore further than the car park we’ve been staying at in La Tania. Our friends have taken their campers to Champagny and Pralognan before, and invited us to join them for the weekend.

Park4Night has some good spots around Pralognan and we camped right next to the river in the little hamlet of Les Prioux. From the car park, there are plenty of hikes with the most spectacular views of glaciers, snow capped mountains and the occasional marmot darting about. My favourite walk was up to Lac des Vaches, the stepping stone lake. It’s a steep climb up Pralongon ski resort, which leads up to a stunning valley with a dramatic landscape eventually ending at the lake. Unfortunately it was still covered in snow, but it’s a walk I’d definitely do again to see the lake full of water.

Both nights we had a BBQ and this can be an awkward event for 2 vegans, but the group worked really well together and made awesome banquets both nights that included loads of BBQ’d veggies, salads and even Linda McCartney’s vegan sausages! Sweetcorn, courgette, mushrooms and asparagus are all great cooked on the BBQ along with some veggie burgers and pasta salads makes for a very substantial, vegan dinner.

It was a great weekend, even with a night sat in a thunderstorm and torrential rain (thank God for awnings!). One of the best things about owning a campervan is being able to move your tiny home to beautiful places and enjoy the nature and freedom.

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