Van Life #10 | Moving back into our van after lockdown in the French Alps

So after 8 weeks of strict lockdown set by the French government, we finally bid farewell to our apartment in Flaine and moved back into Big Blue, our converted Ford Transit. The last time we lived full time in the van was when we travelled from Slovenia to Greece for 2 months last autumn.

We left a lot of our winter gear in storage in Flaine so we had more room in the van. Organising clothes and food back into Big Blue is always a challenge, especially food as we love food shopping and always cart around so many jars of herbs and spices.

With lockdown easing in France, it means you can now travel within a 100km radius of your address, so we checked the map and returned to La Tania where we have done 4 ski seasons. A lot of our closest friends live here so it has been so nice to see everyone. Lockdown rules now also permit hanging out in groups of 10 people and coronavirus has stopped being the centre of conversations; it feels like life has a chance to return to some kind of normalcy.

I’ve never been to La Tania in the summer and I’ve been doing some of the hikes I used to do in the winter season. It’s so nice seeing it change from snow to grass and we even spotted marmots the other day at the top of Col de la Loze!

At the moment, our current plan is to stick around this region then we may have a summer job to go to nearby, but it’s all still a waiting game. Fingers crossed for the future and future van life adventures!

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