My top 3 restaurants for vegan food in Courchevel, France

There are more restaurants in Courchevel serving vegan food, especially if you book and request but these are my favourite places to go where I know I can get a really good vegan option already on the menu.

Pub Le Ski Lodge, La Tania
Always a favourite among seasonnaires, Ski Lodge aka ‘Slodge’ has a great pub grub menu that’s cheap and cheerful. There’s a vegan burger with fries for €12.90 and it’s a massive portion. The patties are clearly homemade from beans and sweet potatoes and it’s always available on their menu. There’s also a Mediterranean salad that has a base of quinoa and beans, lettuce topped with red pepper on toast. Always check to see if the soup is dairy free and after lunch service they have a snack menu that serves large portions of fries.

La Boulotte, Courchevel Moriond
Owned by Katie, a big personality who probably hates vegans, her restaurant has always been a favourite of mine because of her famous falafel wraps. I regularly ate here when I was a seasonnaire and it was always a fun experience because of Katie’s hilarious but often offensive service style, you’ll have to visit to see it for yourself. The wraps are bursting with salad, red cabbage slaw and beetroot hummus. You can order fries separately but these are huge portions too. Apparently it’s her last season so get there pronto!

Taiga, La Tania
Sister restaurant to Ski Lodge is Taiga, a cocktail bar and restaurant that serves traditional Savoyard food along with some French classics. This year their menu has been updated with two new vegan main options and even a vegan starter. You can get carrot and beetroot hummus with a cauliflower and quinoa tabbouleh for €12.90 for starter, then either a vegetable and lemongrass curry with salad for €14.90 or roasted red pepper stuffed with butternut squash, red pepper coulis and herb and nut cous cous for €13.90. I’ve had a stuffed aubergine from there before and it was really tasty and well presented. Thanks to the owner T-Wall for having chefs that provide very good plant based options.