Favourite vegan lunch spots in Split, Croatia

Split isn’t a new destination for a lot of travellers and it has been increasing in popularity for long weekend breaks and backpackers travelling Europe because of its ideal location and chilled city vibes. Split has it all from Game of Thrones tours to amazing architecture and a forest lined peninsula with gorgeous beaches – this city literally has everything! The restaurant scene is moving away from the typical tourist tripe and the vegan scene is getting bigger and more refined too.

We parked our van near Lucica marina which was right next to Marjan park peninsula and it was an ideal spot. It was also next to a small beach which was perfect for swimming and generally chilling out. It was around a 15 minute walk into Split Old Town and the first port of call was a cooling drink because it was so hot. We saw Fresh Box on the promenade which sold iced coffees with coconut milk which was lush. We sat in the shade of some Game of Thrones sets and enjoyed our coffees.

In the afternoon we headed to Marta’s Veggie Fusion behind Diocletian’s Palace for lunch. It’s fully vegan, family run restaurant and it’s a tiny spot located right in the centre of Split, blink and you’ll miss it. It serves great Mexican style, hearty food that tastes healthy and fresh. I had the burrito salad bowl which was filling and super tasty. The dessert counter also looked incredible with vegan cheesecakes and chocolate desserts, and I was supposed to go back for takeaway but I forgot.

Another great vegan spot is a casual eatery called Vege Fast Food. It’s a cheap kind of takeaway spot near the market where you can sit on stools and watch the world go by. I had the seitan burrito wrap which was massive and only 35 kuna. The owner is lovely and cooks the food right in front of you.

I absolutely love ice cream and love being in cities that have amazing gelatarias that also have a few vegan options. Gelataria Spalato have incredible vegan ice cream flavours and I had pistachio and coconut. I say this a lot, but I actually think this is the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had. We sat by the marina and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.

In Croatia, there is a bakery chain called Mlinar and they have an accidentally vegan potato filled pastry pie, which is good for snacking on and we also took them back to the van to have for dinner.

Split is a beautiful Croatian city and should definitely be one for your bucket list. I prefer it to Dubrovnik as it still has an authentic feel and it feels more open with the promenade and the peninsula makes Split extra special as even though you’re in a city, there’s still a lot of green space, nature and dreamy swimming spots. There are also a lot more places to get vegan food at non-vegan restaurants, so be sure to check the Happy Cow website if you’re eating with omnis.