Vegan beauty essentials review | Deodorant, moisturiser & lip balms

If you know me, you know that I’m not a particularly girly gal. I have never been particularly high maintenance with my looks regarding make up; never have been and probably never will. The beauty products I use and love are every day essentials and the brands I use are small, eco-conscious and 100% vegan. I don’t wear anything else on my skin and get my eyelashes tinted every 6 months or so.


I used to always think that underarm spray deodorants were the only thing that would stop me sweating. I’m a sporty person and used to be self conscious having sweaty pits, now I don’t give a shit, but now I also work in a catering environment and I don’t want to look sweaty so a couple of years ago I started using Fit Pit by Green Woman. At £10.00 for 100ml it is quite expensive, especially when you compare it to cheap roll on and sprays, but it is an amazing, natural product that is worth the price. It smells lovely of rosemary and bergamot and it lasts longer than you think, around 3 months. Another plus is that it comes in plastic free packaging and it can be fully reused and recycled. The creamy consistency melts on contact with your warm underarms and keeps you sweat and smell free all day.


I always used to use E45 on my face and when I forgot to take it on holiday once, I realised that it was actually drying out my skin. So the last few years I have stopped using any products on my face and found that the natural hydration in my skin has been restored but doing winter seasons does has it’s toll on my skin, especially on super cold, snowy days. When I’ve come in from snowboarding and had a hot shower my skin does feel dry and my favourite product to use is Hale + Soond’s Weather Protector. It has a creamy texture which is smooth to apply and sinks into your skin with ease. The packaging is low waste and plastic free which is nothing but great.


Lip balm

I’m addicted to lip balms and use loads of different brands depended on what I find in different jacket pockets but I’ve been trying to use brands that are cruelty and plastic free. I bought some CONCHUS Miracle lip balm (along with some of their shampoo bars) and it was a game changer. I’m sure vaseline just dehydrate your lips so you buy more and more. Miracle lip balm is long lasting for a 10g tin and it actually moisturises your lips. Again, this product comes in recyclable packaging and is plastic free. The lip protector by Hale + Soond is also another great choice and has an amazing chocolate smell from the cocao seed in the natural ingredients.