Vegan guide to Flaine, France

A French ski resort isn’t the usual place to find vegan food in restaurants, however I have been searching high and low for places that serve a good vegan option, so that when I’m out on the slopes I know there is a great place for me to get lunch or have a nice evening meal. If you’re making a reservation, give the restaurant a heads up that you are vegan/vegetarian because you know, this is France.

Brasserie Les Cîmes, Flaine Forum
This popular restaurant can be found in the upper Forum along the main row of shops and cafes. It serves Savoyard classics but also pizzas and salads. Vegetarian options are highlighted really clearly with a green V symbol and there is a veggie pizza called the Végétarienne which is loaded with peppers, onions, red cabbage and artichokes. Obviously just ask for it sans fromage. It costs €14.00 and a portion of chips are €5.50 which I am guilty of sprinkling on my pizza too! I love French pizza restaurants because you always get chilli oil which you can lather all over your pizza. They also have a vegetarian burger which is fully vegan and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a homemade patty made with mushrooms, sunflower seeds and oats and comes with a huge green salad. It costs a €16.70 without chips which is quite steep but it’s Flaine, it’s not a cheap resort.

Le Sucré Salé, Flaine Forêt
According to my favourite app, HappyCow, there is one place listed in Flaine which serves a labelled vegan option. It is a little bar and restaurant called Le Sucré Salé which specialises in savoury and sweet tarts. They have a savoury vegan tart, like a quiche that comes with a side salad.

L’Ancolie, Hameau De Flaine
This cosy restaurant is located in the upper part of Flaine where all the colorful Nordic-style chalets are. Even though the free bus stops running at 18:30, you can get the free shuttle bus run by the restaurant from 18:30 until midnight and the number is +33661395028. It will pick you up from anywhere in Flaine Forêt, but it is good to stand near a bus stop or the Perdrix Noire bar for ease for the driver. There is a vegan option on the menu, it’s a vegan style raclette where you can grill your own veggies and tofu. It is priced at €29.00 which is above average for Flaine, but this is a higher priced restaurant. They do a happy hour on drinks from 17:00 where beer is half price.

Sabaudia, Flaine Foret
This cute little place is located above bus stop 8 and only has a few covers inside. Their menu has falafels with tahini sauce and frites, and also a version of falafels with salad. This is a great option for vegans as there’s a good protein hit after a day on the slopes. The salad is €14.00 and the plate is €16.50 making it a similar price to the other options around Flaine. The falafels are fresh, homemade and have a really good flavour. Sabaudia is also a nice place for an après ski drink and sometimes has live music around Spring time.

Le White Pub, Flaine Forum
The White Bar is a popular aprés ski spot and also has a large restaurant area. There is a vegan burger and falafel poke bowl available on the menu there. I recently ha the vegan ‘burger’ which comes with a big portion of house fries, a small salad and a disappointing bun filled with guac and random vegetables. For example, there was some sliced beetroot, raw onion and uncooked mushrooms. It cost €19.00 so yes it is expensive, but if the rest of the your ski party wants to eat there, then it’s an okay option but maybe try the poke bowl for something with more protein.

Huski Food Delivery Service
I discovered Huski whilst I was googling vegan food in Flaine. It popped up on my searches and I contacted them to see what they offer. Basically they take the stress and time out of organising and cooking your own food if you are self catering – such a great idea if you want to spend more time on the mountain and less time spending money in restaurants. There are so many options from 3 course dinners for a week to breakfast only packages. The food is delivered and the drivers even offer to put your food away in the freezer for you. Huski kindly sent me two vegan dishes to try which I thoroughly enjoyed, I had day 1 and day 2 off the 6 day vegan menu and you can check out their vegan options here. Recently I ate the Two Bean Chilli and, guys, it was excellent! I’ve never been one for microwave meals, but this was all freshly prepared ingredients with great flavours. It did not taste like a microwave meal, it was wholesome, filling and tasted healthy.

Sherpa, Flaine Forum
If you’re self catering in Flaine which is highly likely because of all the apartments for rent, then Sherpa is the best shop to go to for vegan staples. They have a lot of plant based ingredients and dairy free milks available. Make sure to bring your reusable shopping bags too.