Finding Moon Bay & vegan ice cream in Piran, Slovenia

With the summer heatwave cruising over Slovenia, one of the best places to be (apart from the Soča Valley) is the coast. Slovenia has 47km of rugged coastline with a few nice towns dotted along that are well worth a visit. Many of the public beaches in these towns do tend to have concrete slabs to sunbathe on so not beachy beaches but there is a hidden gem.

When googling the best beach in Slovenia, Moon Bay gets the top hit. It’s location is near Strunjan which is not far from the port town of Piran. There’s a huge car park by the public beach in Strunjan where you can happily leave your car all day and walk to the beach but I imagine this car park gets full in summer so arrive early to avoid parking wars.

On our quest to find infamous Moon Bay, we followed a fellow blogger’s instructions which said follow along from Strunjan public beach. We did this fairly successfully until we a) found the busiest, narrowest nudist beach and b) reached a massive cliff edge where we had to double back slightly and basically crawl up this massive banking to find the main footpath. Pete loves when I’m in charge of navigating….ha! We walked along the now obvious footpath until we reached the impressive Strunjan cross. From there, you walk north for a few more minutes until you have a great view of Moon Bay. It’s so beautiful, like a nature’s art work carved out in the rock. We took the zigzagging path down to find a surprisingly not so busy pebble beach and picked our spot for the afternoon. The sea is so clear there and perfect for swimming.

We hiked back to the van by using the main footpath which led back to the car park, not via the nudist beach. So the easiest way to find Moon Bay from Strunjan public car park is to walk up towards the entrance of the Hotel Svoboda then follow the walking sign, you’ll probably see the footpath before the sign anyway. Late afternoon we decided to walk the 5km to Piran. We basically followed Google maps for this and then the path becomes super obvious so you can put your phone away and enjoy the views.

Piran is such a stunning town and the views from the church really let you soak up every part of it – the boats floating in the port, the wonky red rooftops and the amazing views of the Adriatic towards Croatia.

I can never stop at these kind of places and not sample their ice cream. Located just off the main square is Piran Pirano PastIccerIa. Guys, listen up, I had the best vegan ice cream EVER at this place. Black Hawaii. It looked so strange and the guy told me it was dairy free, and I’m thinking yeah, but what is it? Cacao mixed with coconut water – possibly the best combo I can think of!!! If you see it, try it. I had mine with mango and it was a refreshing tropical mix for the warm afternoon temperatures.

We hopped on the public bus towards Koper (€1.80 single each from Piran to Strunjan) and got off back at our starting point in Strunjan getting to see fantastic sunset over the salt pans. We drove back towards the Italian border and parked our van in a car park near Muggia, right by the sea and completely alone which was perfect for another #vanlife adventure.

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