Vegetarian Fine Dining Experience in Courchevel, France

*DISCLAIMER* I went to this restaurant during Veganuary knowing the meal wouldn’t be vegan, but I went for work purposes which was arranged before I decided to take part. Since then, I have been following a 100% plant based diet.

La Sivolière is a 5* hotel located in the heart of Courchevel in the French Alps. It’s ideal location allows you to ski in and out to access the hotel or one of its two eateries. It boasts two beautiful restaurants managed by chef Bilal Amrani who has been head chef there for six years. Dou du Midi is a bistro restaurant that serves lunches such as soups, snacks and desserts and there is a cosy bar that has exquisite cocktails as well as alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks on its menu. Their evening restaurant, Le 1850 Be Organic, has been awarded one plate and three red forks by the Michelin guide and this special restaurant is where I dined.

The ambiance of the dining room was comfortable and unstuffy. There was interesting artwork donning the walls, with wooden lighting fixtures and enjoyable music playing throughout the bar and restaurant. It was a relaxing evening made even more pleasant by the friendly staff and service style. The outside of the hotel looks like a traditional wooden chalet and the interior is matched with a traditional alpine feel with chic aspects. Each table in the dining room is brightened up with a plant, mini lamp and a small wintery decoration which gave the restaurant a more welcoming feel. 

I had the tasting menu of the day which was catered towards my vegetarian diet with wine pairing for each course. I firstly enjoyed a glass of red Savoie wine in the comfy bar area which was accompanied with mixed nuts and an option of cheese and cured meat. The restaurant staff were professional yet welcoming and made me feel at ease as I waited for my table to be prepared. The bar has a huge fireplace which gives the area a relaxing feel and cosy atmosphere.

Egg and mushroom starter

The food was absolutely sublime with each course bringing totally different flavours combined with beautiful and intricate presentation. The ingredients used at Le 1850 are organic and well put together to create fantastic dishes. As an appetiser I was served carrot three ways with hazelnuts which was matched with a crisp Chardonnay wine. I was also served a freshly baked bread roll that came with a choice of flavoured butters; salt, seaweed or chilli. I had the chilli butter with a wholemeal fig roll which sounds odd but it was a lovely combination. For starter, I had a morel mushroom velouté with a poached egg, morel mushrooms and croutons. This was my favourite course of the evening as the egg was cooked to perfection and it complemented the morel sauce. Main course was a bright array of confit tomatoes, olives, micro herbs, shaved parmesan and artichoke cooked three ways; crispy fried, puréed and confit stuffed. It was a really tasty and was washed down with a glass of Pinot Noir. The chefs cater really well for any dietary requirements you may have and the I thought the vegetarian options were really high quality. I was offered a cheese board in between main and dessert but I was honestly feeling rather full, so opted to just have my dessert which was burned pineapple, tropical sorbet on a biscuit crumb and a tropical jelly with a caramel tuile. It was light and refreshing, just what I needed after so much food.

Main course
Pineapple dessert
Pineapple dessert
The typical clientele for this restaurant are people who are wanting to experience the high end food that Courchevel has to offer. It is a luxury hotel serving gastronomic food at a good price for the quality and location. The restaurant is suitable for large groups as the dining area is split into two rooms but it also has a smaller tables catering for couples or families. Dinner is served until 22.00 so you can have a long leisurely evening enjoying the fine dining experience. The hotel is easily accessible from Courchevel centre with either a short stroll up Rue des Chenus or I’m sure the hotel staff would arrange a private pick up if you called ahead. I was chauffeured down to Courchevel centre after my meal which was added an extra special touch to the whole experience. It is a fine dining restaurant with excellent staff and you are made to feel welcome and special. It is definitely a restaurant I would like to return to for these reasons as the whole evening was delightful and I’d like to challenge them to do a vegan menu.



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