Mini van trip to the Valley of Rosuel, France

This summer Pete and I have been working in Landry for BikeVillage which is a lovely catered mountain bike chalet. Because of the C-word, we’ve stayed put in France and bagged ourselves a job in a great location. 15 minutes drive from Landry is the spectacular Rosuel Valley, where we decided to head up for two nights for our day off.

We arrived just as the sun had set and found a perfect spot to park Big Blue. We enjoyed a couple of G&T’s then had an early night ready for our hike the next day.

It was a blue sky day and we set off at around 10am, enjoying the views of Sétive’s waterfall and Mount Pourri. The hike I planned was to walk along the GR5, then loop around and down to the Refuge d’Entre le Lac and La Plagne lake. The views were breathtaking the entire way; you could see Tignes ski resort, alpine marmots everywhere and the gorgeous turquoise colour of the lake.

We returned back towards Rosuel refuge following the footpath that runs alongside the lake. The water was obviously freezing but it was so clear.

We stopped for a second lunch break close to the stream and found our own little island for a paddle to cool down.

The entire hike was just over 16km with 800m elevation so we stopped at the Refuge de Rosuel for a rewarding local beer. That evening, I was so tired but we were treated to an incredible pink sunset and played shithead (the card game!). It was a perfect getaway being only 15 minutes from Landry, but it felt like you were a million miles away.

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