Van Life #13 | Returning to Piedmont | Vegan eats & treats in Turin

As soon as we drove into the region of Piedmont, I felt so excited to return to the place where we spent a whole summer 5 years ago falling in love with vineyards, rich red wine and focaccia.

The first stop was Turin where we parked in the city’s official camper area. It was free and had a toilet (albeit not a very nice one), access to drinkable water and was a 40 minute walk to the city centre. A few locals are living there permanently in tents and RVs, they were friendly and the area felt safe. We wanted to visit Turin because it’s a nice stop off between Aosta and Alba, and I always liked it’s vibe. It’s officially Italy’s first vegetarian city too, so there’s plenty of good food available here.

We opted to go out for pizza and chose Bricks where they had a few vegan options on their menu. We shared two starters; farinata di ceci, which is a savoury chickpea flour pancake and a selection of pickled veggies. For mains, I had a vegan margarita pizza which was wood fired and so delicious. A lot of places in Italy substitute mozzarella for mozzarella made with rice milk which is really good. Starters, 2 pizzas and a bottle of Piemonte wine came to around €50.00.

Did you know that more than half of the land and volume of Italy’s rice production is in Piedmont? I didn’t! Then I read about this amazing fully vegan gelataria, Il Gelato Amico, that makes gelato from organic rice milk. I absolutely love ice cream, it’s my favourite dessert and especially gelato in Italy. There were so many creamy flavours to choose from so of course I had 3 scoops; pistachio, Guinduja (regional chocolate flavour) and ‘Snoopy’ which was was roasted peanuts with chocolate, caramel and cookie Yum! It was honestly the best vegan gelato I have ever had.

Before leaving Turin, we had some focaccia from Focacceria Sant’Agostino which was highly recommended on Google. I had the onion slice and Pete the rosemary. Simple flavours but so delicious! It’s a cheap and satisfying lunch snack, 2 slices and a drink was only €5. (Yes, I did have gelato for breakfast…when in Rome!)

We had a lovely time in Turin exploring new neighbourhoods and eating tasty vegan food. Next stop: the rolling hills of Alba!

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