Life in La Tania 2018

So I’m back again for my fourth season with Pete cooking in a ski chalet for Snow Retreat. Who would have thought after our first ski season we’d be back running a huge 18 bed chalet and loving life?! We never really make plans for our future jobs and just end up falling into seasonal work that we love. Our summer in Slovenia was really special and now we’re back in the French Alps and we have been blessed with tons and tons of snow. It has never been like this on our previous seasons and it’s been so crazy having powder days as early as December.

Pete loving life at Chalet Pandora

Due to the amount of snow, early bookings in our chalet meant that we skipped training week and were thrown straight into work, which was great as it meant we could snowboard in the fresh snow and enjoy the blue skies. Pete and I, notorious for being super lazy snowboarders even made it to Orelle, the fourth valley, in our first week of the season. Orelle is the most eastern point of the Three Valleys which is quite a snowboard ride away from where we live in La Tania.

Our chalet is almost fully booked for the season so we have a busy 4 months ahead. Things I’m looking forward to are riding my new Burton board, actually going in the snow park and adventuring more off piste. I already feel like I’ve improved just from having a much better snowboard than my old, beginner one.

I’m also really excited for my mum to come and visit in February. This is earlier than she usually visits so we’ll hopefully be donning some snowshoes and going walking between the forests.

There’s a lot more going on for me this season too with having more freelance writing work for See Courchevel and being a brand ambassador for Bleubird Apparel. I love making the most of the ski season and by doing these things I get to explore more of the resort and connect with more people. If you’re interested in buying any Bleubird clothing then don’t forget to use my discount code at the the checkout RW15% for 15% off!

We don’t currently have any set plans for the summer. Every time we return to the mountains, it always tempts us to stay in Europe long term. We’re keeping our options open and wondering where our next adventure will be… For now I’m focusing on improving my snowboarding and enjoying life in La Tania.


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