Sightseeing & Vegan Eats in Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is seriously my new favourite city. What a spectacular place, the choice of restaurants is overwhelming; the beer is so cheap and the architecture is breath taking. I was initially worried that vegetarians wouldn’t easily be catered for whilst travelling Eastern Europe but so far, we have been spoilt for choice.

I had been researching a few places that I wanted to eat out at in Bratislava so our first stop was the Vegan Kiosk for lunch. This wooden stand was set up by a vegan couple who wanted to spread their love of veganism. The menu was small and simple with a soup option and six sandwich choices. I had the ‘Facon Burger’ which consisted of tofu mayonnaise, BBQ tempeh, roasted aubergine slices, chutney and salad. It was served in a fresh wholemeal bun and it was delicious and filling. Pete ordered the ‘Double Burger’ which prompted the owner to say, “you’re hungry right?” It was huge, made up of a bean burger, roast veggies, tofu mayonnaise, sun dried tomatoes, fresh salad and chutney. The Vegan Kiosk was awesome and the couple who run it are super friendly. They have inspired me to maybe start something up like that myself. Simple, healthy and cheap food for vegan and non-vegans.

We spent the rest of the day sightseeing around the historical centre. Bratislava is a gorgeous city, with every corner you turn in the old town there is some pretty building to gawp it. As we were there in autumn, the colours of the trees against the sunny blue skies gave the city an extra romantic feel. We walked up to the gardens of the castle and enjoyed the views over the sprawling rooftops. As the sun was still shining, I decided that an ice cream was necessary and I had read about some great gelato spots. On Hviezdoslav Square is Luculus Ice Saloon where I got two scoops of delicious vegan sorbet, coconut and banana and dark chocolate. It was so great finding so many vegetarian and vegan options.

I have been missing some hot and spicy food, so we decided on Asian food for dinner. We stopped at Asean Fast Food which we had been walking past many times on our way to the hostel. The lure of avocado maki and tofu Thai curry was too much! The sushi was really good and the curry was divine. I love that spongy tofu that you get in Asian restaurants.

Slovakia is great for cheap beer and our favourite watering hole was the Slovak pub. This is the biggest pub in Bratislava (but it actually felt pretty small) and you can sit in different themed rooms. Pints of local beer are around €1.50. There are plenty of cheap vegetarian food options here too, we ate out here on our first night and had garlic soup served in bread bowl.

More recently I have been moving towards a predominantly vegan diet. I have been thinking about it a lot and it is becoming more justified for me to completely remove dairy as well as meat from my diet. I don’t drink cow’s milk and have been using alternative ‘mylks’ since university, but I am still sometimes swayed to dairy by chocolate, yoghurt and cheese. I know there are great alternatives out there now. I haven’t actually been eating these products recently and I’m finding I’m not craving them. I am planning to do ‘veganuary’ in January and document my journey so perhaps I will stay full vegan after?

Bratislava also has awesome vegetarian street food options for vegans and vegetarians. There are loads of kebab shops selling falafel wraps that looked so nice. It is a really great city and I recommend visiting in autumn because the temperatures are milder and the streets of the old town are less full of tourists. We had a lot of fun in Bratislava and I’d love to revisit Slovakia in the future to explore the Tatra mountain range.

UFO restaurant
Bratislava Castle

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