Vegetarian Reykjavík

Being a vegetarian in Reykjavík is actually quite a treat as there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

One of our lunch stops was at Noodle Station. A very cheap and convenient place for a quick bite to eat. It’s menu is simply vegetable, beef or chicken noodle soup. We obviously opted for veggie noodles which were ready in under 30 seconds. The flat rice noodles were served in a vegetable broth and served with bean sprouts, chilli and peanuts. You can have the option to add more chilli flakes, chilli oil and ground peanuts at your table. It was basic but tasted good and made a change from the camping food we had been eating all week.

For our evening meal, we chose to eat at Gló after a couple of happy hour beers at Public House. This place was busy with both locals and tourists. It boasts vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten free options. The menu is simple with four main options that are accompanied by your choice of three salads. I had gato gato Indonesian curry with tofu with courgette slaw, sweet potatoes with radish and quinoa salad. It was all fresh and super tasty. The owner and chef Solveig Eiríksdóttir took over Gló in 2010 and was recently voted Favourite Raw Gourmet Chef and Favourite Raw Simple Chef in the annual Best of Raw competition. Reykjavík’s vegetarian, vegan and raw food scene is growing rapidly and Gló is at the forefront.

Reykjavík is a small city with a cool vibe mixed with outdoor-gear-wrapped tourists and trendy Icelanders going about their day. There are numerous cafés and restaurants ranging from Michelin star to a local chip shop, definitely something for everyone. It was the last stop on our camping trip in Iceland which you can read about here. We stayed at Reykjavík campsite which is 2km from the city centre, right next to the public swimming pool Laugardalur.

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